Friday, 19 April 2013

Lepidoptera, Queen living etc.

Firstly, Our lepidoptera caterpillar, we found a couple weeks back, 
which cocooned the very next day, has finally emerged; a beautiful butterfly this morning!
We followed and observed her all day as she warmed her wings and flew a bit and then stopped to unfold a bit more and warm them more, she drank some nectar from a grape Tehy gave her and then we left her to it in the garden! We took lots of piccys and Tehy ( our insect loving child) was amused to no end all day! Introducing "Lepi-dot-tooora" as Tehy calls her.
Last week while doing our normal afternoon routine of outside play, i went to put Juju in the swing and i did something to my back and it hasnt been great since, i have a history of back issues so i am used to the constant dull pains but this was different, it has stopped me from bending over, i cannot pick up the kids, the toys off the floor or put a load of washing on! i can squat to do things if i absolutely need to but yesterday my doctor put strict instructions upon me; LIVE LIKE A QUEEN!!- For a week and then come back to reassess after swelling goes down. Its not something that comes easy, and i struggle to sit still and watch others do my things. So anyway, all my planned projects have been put on hold and instead i'm sitting, and planning more ha. Hubby has gone back to working full time since the holidays finished last week and my cleaner has gone on a cruise so my home is resembling an episode of hoarders in certain areas, especially my craft room/upcakes HQ. because im unable to pick everything up thats fallen on the floor and under the desk, or put anything away that i had out during the early part of last week. shambles i tells ya. Anyway, i'm going to share with you a few pics i managed to take before church last week, i was planning for it to be a photo shoot to beable to link up with project run and plays formal week, but things dont always go to plan, i wasnt able to complete any other of my partially done pieces of the outfit and if this shoot was anything to go by... not a great one lol.
Tehya was not impressed, 
 "oh hurry up!"
 "ok one picture thats it! and i'll decide if i want to smile or not" 
"are ya done yet?"
 Roo was ok to start with, such a poser when in a good mode, 
even with a shiner on his forehead (walls hurt?)
Still loving these 'stache pants

 Ju Jus suit jacket, one of the pieces I did get finished. I love it. An upcycle project, it was a medium mens suit from a second hand store. I still have enough to make another for Roo and pants for each, (which was the plan and other details were planned and partially done also just wait i guess) i'll just have to scale down the Basic Blazer pattern by Blank Slate Patterns, Roo is a size smaller and even on Ju this 18 months size was a tad wide and long (and yes i think i need to add an extra button on his, up top, too) but winter isnt here yet so it may be a perfect fit for then.
Most of the photos were like this, Roo had lost his patience and just wanted to go "car" and at-least one was pulling a face purposely or candidly! Ellas dress; an upcycle from my closet, i only took it in 2 inches on either side of the back shirring and it sat well on her. i hadn't worn since the occasion  for which i bought it, (a friends wedding- i was hiding my pregnant belly, the twins had "popped" and were evident in all my other clothes and we werent telling yet) i bought it white and spent hours boiling the polyester dress, it is dipdyed effect and i love the 'pick ups'! i love it on her, much better then it looked on me i think.
Some days photos just don't work as well, but these pics;
I like them; they do star my favourite little people! 

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