Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Autumn chills

So half way through autumn it becomes winter? Who knew! We have had the silliest seasons and I'm not loving the cold change with added rain. We have had a hectic few weeks, the painter just finished the front veranda last week and is now onto the back deck. We have had trestles two stories high in the yard for over 3 weeks and the yard has been scattered with ladders and paint tins along with the kids toys which doesn't make it very safe for the kids to play when we get the rare moments of sunny warm weather! Being Cooped up inside has done a terrible thing for routine and the boys think its grand to wake at odd hours and stay awake for a few hours crying! My machine is off to get a service this week, it's skipping stitches and I've lost all zigzag stitch settings! So all my projects are sitting idle, cut and ready or are half done just on the serger and waiting for hems or top stitching. And while I wasn't fussed on pulling out all the winter clothes and projects just yet, the weather is dictating that its certainly a good idea sooner than later. I'll share my 'cooler weather' project list with you all soon!
And here's a pic of my hand sewing today, I couldn't help it- just had to get in there and do something so I have made the boys a tie each from op shop/ thrift shop ties, more on those soon also!

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