Sunday, 31 March 2013


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What a wonderful day, we were blessed with a big sleep in this morning, which was lovely after being up late sewing- I produced 8 bunny stuffies and 2 skirts (loved that they were ridiculously easy- knit yoga fold down waist skirts) and the deep coral color- LOVE! I did have boysies Easter outfits in the works but only got one suit jacket done :/ I'll save it aside until I get a chance to make the second one. finally crashied at 11:30 with a migraine and a little restless boy who woke and decided he wanted snuggles. We didn't make to church this morning, the service was too early for us but we talked about the reason we have Easter at bedtime last night with the girls, Ellary did a great job telling Tehy what she understood.
We kept chocolate to a minimum today, we had an egg hunt with one cousin, some of hubby's family came bearing chocolate gifts also. I had my family here as always also. The girls got their nails done by their aunties.
Roo has an Intolerance to lactose so he had a couple of candys instead, he did get his hands on a melted egg and ended up with some in his mouth- resulted in no day sleep for the boys today. (Roo and Juju are also the reason we didn't have dyed eggs this year- see last photo- Roo was very upset by it too apparently)
This afternoon Tehy and daddy did some gardening, pulled out all the radish, only a few were ready but hubby wanted to cull them off to make room for garlic and tomatoes! The boysies enjoyed a swing while I lazed in the hammock and Ellary attempted to rollerblade.

Did you enjoy your easter weekend?

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