Tuesday, 19 March 2013


On Saturday we went car shopping, yesterday we applied to the bank, we hadn't even seen the particular car yet! Today we became the proud new owners of a Ford Territory Ghia! I seen it at lunch time when hubby test drove it- after we bought it! Go on tell me the rules of buying a car! :) We pick  it up tomorrow after signing final papers for insurance! quick process! We have never bought a car from a car yard before, our previous cars were bought from close friends or family (with exception to the one we were gifted as a wedding present from my mum) So this is just wonderful!! a new chapter in our lives -the luxury our-family-sized car!  Which has in turn made us able to gift our station wagon to my sister and her boyfriend who haven't had a car for a few months (due to no jobs-due to no transport -viscous circle) Don't you love being able to bless people through God blessing you! It's a wonderful feeling! Such is faith! So, our new car has black leather seats, we have 4 kiddies, 3 of which are in baby seats. so we need a cover to protect the seats, I am yet to find a tutorial for anything similar to what I have in mind but I will definitely share either my own if I cant find one, or if I do find one to use I will share the link. And if all else fails we will go buy one, if we can find one. haha, hunting mode engaged!
fabric boxes by make it & love it

And to help keep our new car new we need to add some removable storage ( even though there are so many compartments for random things) so these will be on my list to make this weekend! we be great for groceries or sandy beach stuff. I think I will make a few, one to hold a plastic bag for rubbish, one for emergency items (like first aid, spare nappies and wipes, a change of clothes and snacks and drinks- that will not be consumed in the car) we say this now, but I know the rules don't carry for long! I personally give it a month!  and another to gather up and carry things out of the car- groceries and the kids toys that randomly end up everywhere! Can you tell I'm excited?! ha ha.

It may sound silly to some of you who are well off or who have been on your feet financially for a while, but with our ups and downs with life our 10 years together have not been financially secure for long periods of time, be it the couple years hubby spent in bible college or us having more babies, which was painful on the pocket for travel and medical needs. Compared with the season of youth work that seen our accounts the fullest they ever had been but which left us all drowning emotionally, but now, we are in a wonderful blessed place, hubby has a great job with a promotion on the near horizon and a wonderful boss. I am Thankful that God has blessed us with this season in our lives, its comfortable,calm and quiet and it feels most relaxed and natural place to be in life right now. I'm not saying life is perfect, just that I am at peace within the parts that are hectic, and life on a whole is feeling great! 

I also have my friends son celebrating his 2nd birthday this weekend, he needs one of these storage boxes for his matchbox cars- something with a bit of childish character and maybe some wheels?! I'll share what I come up with when its done!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! What are you making this week?

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