Wednesday, 13 February 2013

upcakes and ooshes, the art of learning!

Today I am linking up to project run and play for their week 6  "signature style'

These two dresses I made for my girls were inspiration dancing around in my head for quite a while, I knew I wanted ruffles, like a bustle, a pillow case/apron style tie up, enough like a pinafore to justify so my time going into a piece so the girls could layer the dress over a long sleeved knit tee and or leggings when the weather got cooler but not too pinafore-‘ish’ that it couldn't be worn alone as a summer dress. I love how they turned out, both are a little different as I learnt things from the first and transferred them to the second but both have the same principals in making them. The main fabric body pieces are a stretch thin but heavy denim, I'm not sure if there is any other details I can give on that as it was a huge remanent piece given to me.  unfortunately it retains creases a bit too well and ironing is undone pretty quickly. sigh.The ruffles and ties are a polycotton called ‘spots’ from lincraft. 
the headbands are the same, just a long tube sewn up, flipped right sider out, top stitched and done, wrapped and tied in a bow to keep those golden locks out of those darling faces!
The blue and green one has an inner lining of thin cotton, the yellow has the ruffles on another piece of the same denim. Basically if you wanted to make something similar you could use this awesome tutorial as a 'how to' for the ruffled bustle style back, (she cleverly calls it the business at the front party in the back mullet dress-which I love) And had I found it before I probably would have tried a knit version, and hey I still might but when i found it i had already finished the first dress. The rest is a basic a line pillowcase style and apron style bodice and ties/straps. So in the idea of naming my style outfits? I’d have to call these “upcakes and ooshes”  which holds the 2 word my daughters used to call a couple of their favourite things while they were tiny and learning to talk, Ooshes-shoes and Upcakes -cupcakes and ‘strawberry Upcake (shortcake)’ And just like them learning to talk I am learning (self taught) to sew and as Ellary pronounced shoes, Ooshes which is essentially dyslectic and backward-ish, so is my way of learning at the present, and like Tehy says Upcakes leaving part of the word unspoken I too leave bits behind accidentally here and there but as long as it holds up (and these do, they've been worn and washed a few times) and my darlings like them, that's all that matters as I learn to perfect and challenge myself to put my own style into a real wearable art. because these girls are my favourite girls and they are gorgeous, (and I'm gushing) and they can pull off any style, no matter how crazy this mum makes it! Ha.

Just adorable! i love seeing them love eachother and I love tehys accidental mid way through talking duckface pose, makes me smile :)
p.s yay! firstly, I managed to get these photos this evening and secondly, my blogger has allowed me to upload pics tonight! And thirdly if you see this post, its another yay that blogger didn't lose it *fingers crossed again*