Monday, 22 April 2013

Projects beckoning me!

my autumn shopping and projects list!

Aren't these boots just darling! my boys love shoes and often wear them to bed because the refuse to let us take them off so these would be perfect, soft & light like socks but not. 
Gorgeous Jacket, source unknown
I love this entire outfit, but that jacket is the thing that really makes it. the ruffle plackets, ruffled and laered sleeves and that belt! and sadly i dont have any idea where its from- no doubt some gorgeous boutique! i need one, or 3!!
gorgeous hoodie scarf tutorial
This Hooded scarf is adorable like the model. Reminds me of a little fox cub, definitely an item on this seasons make list.


source unknown
Absoluetly need to make some of these towel backed quilt rugs for my laundry and bathroom floors, tiles are cold!
This little guys outfit is gorgeous, pity i cant read the language the website is in to know any details. loving the vintage feel at the moment for the littlies.
A few more things on the list- boot cuffs, ear muffs, leggings, beanies and scarves, cowls. yup i am going to be making a lot when i am given the all clear from the doc.

God Bless


  1. Hi Karla,

    That beautiful photo of the little girl and the clothing is from Persnickety Clothing (

  2. Thank you Kim for letting me know! Must be a past collection as I can't find it for sale on there atm. But I will be browsing for a while on the site, it's full of gorgeous clothing! :)


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