Saturday, 5 January 2013

Saturday Share

Ok attempt 2 at posting, Gr at blogging bugs! Ok I'll make it quick, seeing as Ive spent the last half hour typing up a big post only for it to have all disappeared, leaving me a nice little pop up with an error code, oh joy!
I'm sharing my 1st queen size quilt, only my third ever, my first was a simple panel and backing bassinet size, my second was a pieced top and back and still only a small size so this is huge! unsure how my little low range brother machine did it, but i gave it a work out and its survived! this project was a special one, my sisters my daughter and i planned this one together, in secret, we all picked our favourite blue and white fabrics, and split the costs. i spent a couple of nights up later picture messaging my sister (who lives 6 hours away) about piece placement for the top, eventually we settled on the right way and she told me to go to bed ha ha. another few late nights later and another of my younger sisters came to keep me company while i basted the quilt, she spent a lot of time stuck in her phone of course but she was company :) my daughters didn't know what the project actually was, up until they helped me wrap it, and i bargained away any hint giving or telling Mumma about it or they would lose Christmas, it worked, mum was not onto us! my youngest sister didn't even see it until Christmas day when mum unwrapped it! so here it is

You will notice it is on the bed sideways, it is summer and so it is all but a decoration for this season but I'm sure it was be so cosy when the weather dictates the need to actually use it.
My son Roo, just had to have a sticky beak.

Ok so the quilt is 8" squares, 8 squares across and 10 high, the batting is beautiful bamboo cotton blend more bamboo than cotton. the back not pictured, is a light blue jacquard cotton thick weave, the binding is straight cut pieced single fold, the top is pieced from lincraft fabrics, a few kaufman, and a couple of fillers from my stash, and even a lovely Japanese print we were given by an exchange student a few years ago. the throw cushions are the same, matching fabrics, the pinwheely type, ( you can find the tutorial I adapted from Here at moda bake shop) is 16 pieces, a yo yo and a button in the centre, I didn't add piping to mine, simply because it isn't a large cushion and had enough going on already. I love it! the other is a cover, (zippered!) size 16 insert. i love the lace detail.
So what do you think?
My next quilt is in progress now, its a single size, has to be done by Friday (apparently I'm a sucker for deadlines pushing me)  for the birthday girl! my little girl will be 4!

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  1. Cindy K.12:39 pm

    Beautiful quilt! I like that you made matching pillows. The lace detail is perfect, and gives the set a feminine touch.


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