Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fav. Find Friday

My first Fav find Friday
A few things I found just today I just have to share!
1.    Collected & Co. Wire Notebook A5
   1. Micador Collected &co. I love this collection! Note book, it’s just too cute! Recycled from milk cartons in natural. 5 tabs, 6 sections, perfect for my list writing!
              crayola creations catwalk  
    2.  Crayola Creations, found this today while browsing school stationary, unsure why it was in that place but I just had to pick it up! There are 2 crazy Barbie doll girls in my house, and with a mummy that sews this was too cute to pass up, might just be me attempting to push some creativity in sewing and clothes design onto my children a bit but hey I have to give them the options, and what better way than this! Especially since the Barbies dolls seem to lose clothes pretty quick around here. 

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