Saturday, 5 January 2013

planned, organised... listed!

Today I found the cutest organisers, one is already getting filled with lots of planning, organising, doodling, ideas etc. The other, a yearly calendar planner, a week per page A4, good size to fit in everything I need.
All this to say, I have planned my blog posts, so eventually when I have followers they will know what’s going on and when.

About ME Mondays I will share bits and pieces about myself and my family, a get to know type of thing.

Tutorial Tuesday, to share with you what I’m doing (or have done), and how.

- Fav Finds Friday; I will be sharing something new I’ve found, a new blog, new tool, toy, project idea, etcetera  (not sponsored)
-Alternated with photo Friday; I am going to push myself to take more photos, in effort to further my limited skill set and hopefully get some nice ones to inspire.

Saturday sharing; a project I have completed or am amidst of; without a tutorial, unless it’s linked back to another blog or website.

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