Monday, 31 December 2012

new years resolution #1 make a blog

My first entry, i was trying to find something cute and witty to post, and I've come up trumps!
i even went back and stalked a few of my favourite blogs back to their humble beginnings (shh) to help me out.... didn't help, so instead of something cute and or witty I'll just tell you why I have started blogging?!
goes something like this... Etsy, inspired me to start sewing cute things, searching for patterns and tutorials took me to Pinterest and that lead me onto hour long stalks of blogs tutorials and patterns. I clicked link after link and ended up in strange places not knowing exactly how I had found that blog via so many, but that how I found my favourite bloggers which I occasionally still stalk (what) for inspiration. And I wanted in! I wanted sew-alongs and comment and win give-aways and to write tutorials for the things I couldn't find tutorial on when I went searching. I want to use my flashy camera to take photos of my creations, and those smiling faces of my kiddos that make it worth my while. So I opened a blog, and here it sat, neglected, unused, and lonely until NOW! my first post (YAY) hello world of bloggers! I'm late to the party but I got here at last.
Happy new years! (to all my non-existent-as-yet followers) 
Hopefully now I can go work out how to use the rest of it wish me luck?!

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