Monday, 21 January 2013

Cake, snake and family

My princess turned 4 last week, she is SO BIG now, just ask her and she will happily oblige, and chatterbox on about how {big} she is! 

 Her party requests- The wildlife park? check! Hootabell cake? Check! Besties? check! glad I could making her requests happen, and make it a wonderful day, even if we were all melting in the horrible hot humidity without any breeze! (can you tell by the rosy red cheeks) oh you want me to stop ranting so you can see the cake? To be honest this is actually my second one, the first (my practise) was a tiny bit smaller and we had that with just immediate family on her actual birthday. This one I made the night before the party and paid attention to detail just a little more. -this one has "stitching, patches and eyelashes whereas the first didn't.
don't judge me too harshly, I'm not a cake maker!
Basically it's/she's a HUGE cake pop, I had to do a practise, BECAUSE I am not a chef and I had no idea if my strangest idea would work,  I'm so happy and thankful that it did. If you want to know more (Let me know) I will share it in another post.


The beautiful Cathy paid for snake holds at the wildlife park, most of the kids loved it. A friends cute little toddler spotted the snake, came to an abrupt halt, called out "Not me! I dun-wanna hold a snake" and ran off. And no it wasn't fear, he is just cheeky. My mum on the other hand, doesn't like snakes and chose to stand back.

Can you see the intimidated face here? I felt a little the same even from the other side of the lens  this little slithery was into exploring. she slithered down the top of miss' dress (one of her birthday presents that this mummy made) under her straps, then continued up over her shoulder. But Tehy loved it, I promise! She has a great love for creatures great and small, often it makes me sad that I cant give her a pet, especially when I find her crying, covered in ant bites, because her friends didn't like her building them a new home. :'( Oh well a mother guilt doesn't cease I guess and one day we will get Tehy a pet puppy.

Enough with that, back to this.... Tehy still has another year at home before school next year, I'm hoping I can give her some concept of time before then as that is one area we need work, everything and I mean EVERYTHING happened last night or last night at daytime and the future no mater how distant is tomorrow and the next day. Makes it very hard to explain when things did or will happen, so yesterday in the car we had to plan her 16th birthday, HOT AIR BALLOON! I don't doubt she will remember that conversation in 12 years, this kid has a great memory! ( maybe because everything happened only last night)

I'll leave you with the happier pic with the slithery snake, see, she did in fact love it! Happy birthday princess!

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