Friday, 8 March 2013

what have I been doing?

I'll tell ya! :) firstly it was my birthday last weekend, I got my over locker from hubby and the kids (Christmas and birthday present) the week before, its my new baby-lock, and I love it, even though I have had to re thread it twice manually in the learning process and I have now run out of thread ha. now that I have an over load of machine thread I need to stock up on over locker threads, and lucky me got gift cards to our local craft store so that's were I will be going to get some! I had a wonderful birthday, my husband was able to take the weekend off which was bliss! my mum threw a birthday BBQ and invited a couple of my closest friends and we had a couple (yes 2 ha ha) of drinks to celebrate. Oh, if you must know, I'm 26. (what?!) Because I hate posting without a pic or two (because it kind of annoys me being so stark) I thought I should share what I have been working on since my last post, which was SO long ago!

So,  entered the march sewing challenge over at Little Starfish Fabrics on facebook, We were given two fabrics and a clasp that all needed to be used, if you head over and check it out you will see the elephant fabric, which I used for the lining. I have decided I do like challenges, and also learnt that I should write down the date that the challenge finishes. I think I did fairly well with my last minute sew spree, my boys had a nap for just over 2 hours and I made major things happen. if you didn't know it yet, that's how long it takes to sew up an envelope clutch by see kate sew and also a bow clutch by prudent baby (bonus- both are free patterns-personal use) they are adorable, I made the bow zipper clutch for my sister for Christmas and now have one for me! in gorgeous damask (my love) !!

Tehy and I attacked the kids little coffee table, I didn't bother measuring out the tape, little miss wasn't fussed on allowing that. so we just stuck tape in an uneven chevron, I wanted yellow and white and maybe grey but Tehy demanded pink, so my idea went out the window and I will show the result of Tehys' artistic expression when I finally have enough sunshine to touch up the lines and give it a gloss enamel protection layer.

I also made all the kids pjs, did I tell you already? ha my mind is gone. I bought the fabric this week to make the girls some dress' I'm still deciding which to make for who so maybe I'll ask them, they are often over opinionated about things like that :) I'll procrastinate doing the bubbas quilts just a little longer with those as an excuse. 
IF i get anything done this week it will miraculous, i have my sister visiting for the week, i have Ellarys orthodontist appointment (to discuss removing 4 adult molars) and the boys paediatric appointment all in one day, while hubby is at work (can you say *breathe* meltdown?!) and we are waiting to see if we will own a new car next week also. busy crazy week. hopefully the rain will stay away, even for 24 hours straight would be utterly blissful. 
How is the weather at your place? What have you been doing lately?

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