Sunday, 10 March 2013

'Stache pants AND faux piping

After seeing made by rae's post this week about piping I was inspired to re try it, I have had this mustache print on drill for a couple of months just waiting for the right project, I wasn't sure if it would appear in the boys cupboard as blazers or trousers, I have been procrastinating buying the blazer pattern from blank slate patterns  because I'm scared that I will ruin it somehow, but its still on my 'to buy' list! and after completing these i feel more confident, I'm thinking charcoal and maybe pinstripes? So anyway, it was decided that my boysies needed some new pants, long ones to last them through the colder months approaching. And right now Mr Roo is between sizes, and Juju is almost in another size up (Mr chubby!) so buying clothes when they won't last the season ahead isn't the best idea, so I am going to custom size a few pairs each. And I started with these, the front pocket was a first for me, it's lined with surprise fabric:
(blue argyle) and the piping (which is handmade real piping) cute reindeer on teal fabric which I love!

I have misplaced(yeah I know! how? if you seen my craft room you would understand!) my zipper foot so I wasn't able to the best job with the piping but I still love it! The back pocket is a first for stitch detail which I never bother doing, because- I'm a 'quick,easy,done. Sewist' but I think I'm converting, these details were a learning curve and yes, it took a bit longer and I only got to make one pair of pants last night in the time I usually would have banged out two plain (not detail) pairs. BUT I love them! My hubby isn't fussed on the mustache trend but I even got compliments on these pants, I feel so much more accomplished, like I've done my first 'real' pair of pants ha ha. Dramatic much! Ok anyway, the second pair I started today during nap time (until I ran out of thread and had to run to the shop) and am going to finish tonight now that all the bubbas are in slumber land! Anyway, since I forgot to even look for a zipper foot at the store (gah!) I decided I should try something a little different. So.... My faux piping was born, I am guessing its probably been done before but if you, like me haven't seen it then ill just say it doesn't exist and show you my how to! It's a great way to Finnish your clothes when you find yourself without cotton rope or a zipper foot, or both!
Firstly I cut a strip of contrast fabric, it's approx. 3/4" wide and the length is dependent on what your putting it on, I cut mine slightly larger than the top of the pocket:

And then level both at the top, right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam:

(This part may be a little hard to explain) I took the contrast fabric and flipped it back up:

And then over to the back of the pocket:

You should have a narrow strip along the top, move it up or down to resize your strip of fabric to make the 'piping' the size you want, and then:
Top stitch it!
Cute huh?! And no need for a zipper foot or cotton rope yay! And then finish the pocket, (or garment) however you like!
 This second pair of pants, has no stitch detail on the bum pockets because I didn't want to over do it, it has two instead of one like the first pair, the second pair also has argyle lining in the front pocket, but its 'sock monkey' both have the same front pocket lining, Jujus pair have a flat front but Roo has a full elastic waist because his waist is still so wittle. Jujus has a faux fly stitched on the front also. We rushed out the door this morning, dad loaded the car and i didn't want to haul them out again just for photos so i thought id get some when we got home, unfortunately they fell asleep on the way home, so you will have to wait for those pics!

Edit: Please see latest post for the pics of the boysies sporting their new clothes! :)


  1. I love how the piping pops! Also, I adore that fabric! well done :)

  2. Oh I can't wait to see the finished products!! I love the fabric and the color/print combos you did look phenomenal together-I can't wait! Oh and you will LOVE the blazer from blank slate-very easy, very straightforward-I've made blazers for my boy & girl and they were pretty easy. (Sorry so long!)


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