Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tornados and prayers

Australian eastern standard time right now is 2am, I am snuggled up nice and warm in bed, as are all the kiddies, hubby is on 'storm watch' as we are in the warning area for tornados (yeh tornados!?) we have had continual rain all week and everywhere is flooding, some are in state of emergency and many are getting evacuated, I'm so thankful to be right where I am, our city may get localized flooding and we may get cut off from suppliers like the last big floods but our home is high and in the best place to wait this out. It's times like this that make me thankful beyond the normal, thankful we have Facebook to keep in contact phones to send messages even just to the neighbours! Thankful to the emergency services especially! Australia Day was today (yesterday more specifically since its a.m)  and Australia doesn't get tornados, this is the one consistent thing I've heard most today. Although 5 have been confirmed and 2 unconfirmed. 17 injured 2 critical and so much damage to property. We are a tough bunch and we always get back up and carry on, we give a hand up over a hand out and aren't afraid to get our hands dirty or to accept help! I pray God has his hand and blessings upon  the injured, the emergency service personnel, those evacuated and those bracing for the big stuff. Amen. Night all, I'm off to try to sleep, rain isn't peaceful when it's the sound of possible  impending destruction :/

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