Saturday, 26 January 2013

boys' week @ project run and play casual lunch date

This cutie - Master Juju is 15 months old!!
So, my plan was to photograph the new boys outfit while away on holidays, and it didn't happen, I forgot my camera! when we got home from our weekend away it rained, and hasn't stopped since! Queensland has flooding here and there, nothing major where we are as yet thankfully. This outfit was actually made for a lunch, My bff had her birthday lunch at a restaurant and I thought we had better step it up and add some class, but not over the top uncomfortable, we all know children aren't as well behaved when they are uncomfortable. My theory is, that whilst my boys are only little I can dress them in things they wont love when they are at school, with a reputation of style to uphold haha. I'm sure once they old enough to choose their own clothes they will be in board short and singlets or jeans and tees like their daddy or covered in the latest superhero or cartoon characters. the shorts were made from a self drafted pattern, my first try at flat front pants rather then full elastic waist and I was surprised at how easy that was (why didn't I do this before?). The "suspenders" are actually made as only half suspenders, rather than going over the shoulders and hooking onto both front and back pants, they are stitched at the shoulder seem, under the collar to be hidden. I did this partially because I didn't have enough fabric and partially because its probably not comfortable having suspenders pulling your pants up over a nappy bum. The left over fabric I used to make a bow tie, had just the right amount, but had to use another fabric to thread through the bow, to attach I used Velcro closures, I have made them with elastic before but my boys loved pulling at them so I'd rather make it easy to come off then for them to choke each other with them. The shirt isn't my creation, I just loved it and had to customise it!  The outfit went down a treat, comfortable and with lots of compliments! (and dont worry Roo had an awesome ensemble too and hopefully I can link it up in the next section *hint hint*) Sorry for the iphone pictures :/ And the "oops sorry mum I spilled my water on my leg" mark!
hmmm... I wonder!?I

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