Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cot tidy

This is the week to vote in the little starfish (fabric) challenge on Facebook! ( )Check out the page, this is one of the places I know and trust to buy fabric from, in Australia on Facebook! 
I have entered (see above pic) in this months fabric challenge and am very taken by all the wonderful entries, everyone is very talented!! And I'm quite jealous of all those cute bucket hats- thats one thing I'm yet to succeed at!! Go over, like the page and vote, you don't have to vote for me, just vote! (Psst That's not saying I don't want your vote either)  I'll be posting a tutorial for the cot tidy next week, I have one more to make, and while I do so I will take the photos for the tute. In the meantime I have to make a book day Disney disco character costumes, for Ellary! 
And my little sister-in-law is having a birthday on the weekend and its a big one- double digits!! Unsure what i'll make miss K yet, she is fussy with clothing like my kiddies! Also working on a post about parenting- look out for it soon- hopefully a funny take on the craziness! Oh, and a milestone on the blog, almost finally at 1000 page views total, which isn't huge for a big blog but its something big for me :) still blogger doesn't show that I have any followers :( 
Maybe time for a celebratory giveaway soon? Hmm... 

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