Monday, 29 April 2013


This week was kids clothes week, and I did try to make an hour for each day/night to make my kiddies clothes, and all up I probably did end up doing the 5 hours but not exactly all in the right days, which is fine! I didn't get as much done as I hoped I would but that's ok too! I really should have dropped my machine off for that service when I said it was going in but I was stubborn and decided it could wait till the end of the week to allow me to do this. It held up ok, but I spent more time unpicking to fix missed stitches then I would have liked. And now the ammount of missed stitches is more then the hit stitches so its off to the shop now with hubby on his way to work! So the last couple of projects were exclusive or almost exclusive use of the serger! And Saturday, I got sick of clothes and needed a quick fix so I made a fleecy blanket. Not really the rules of KCW but its such a quick project and I felt accomplished! The Flickr pool for Elsie marley is topped with cute and radical clothes! So inspiring, and a few of them that are self drafted patterns or upcycled - I desperately wish I could buy, or have a tutorial or pattern for! So my photos below; spots and whimsy- sailor shorts pattern by peekaboo pattern shop, extended to pants length. I love the way these go together and I finally have an understanding of pockets and the sailor opening! Yay. I made two more pairs of those, one in elephant printed corduroy which is lovely and soft yet hardy, and another in aboriginal print polycotton? I'm not fussed on the poly cotton in the way it sits all boxy but on they look extremely comfy. I upcycled a pair of men's suit slacks into two pairs of pants, which don't fit anyone yet-oops. And made Tetris stencils and fabric painted some geeky jeans for the boys, I haven't got to the other pair yet (i am thinking pacman) I made some leggings for Ellary with a ribbed cotton waist and owl fabric paint stamps. And finally the blankie, it's a great size for the boys cots as it actually tucks in at the sides where as the bought cot quilts and blankets rarely or never stay tucked at the sides. I think I'll call KCW for me a half fail and I'll continue to do more clothes for my kiddies when my machine gets back later this week. Until I'm satisfied that they have enough to last them the season ahead! :)

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