Monday, 7 January 2013

About Me Monday

Eventually this series will find a home on the about me page when I get around to doing pages, until then they will be just in the line! I'll start with the facts!
My name is Karla as you can see ( I have no idea how to unlink my person g+ account from my blog)
My hubby and I have been together for over 9 years married over 8,. Together in those years we have had highs and lows and been blessed

with Ellary, Ziha (d) Tehy,(mc), And identical twin boys Roo and Juju. We have 4 of our babies on earth with us and they are a great joy and utterly crazy! We live in Australia, sunny Queensland  I am a stay at home mum by choice, I have one in school and 3 at home and my husband teaches and works with music. In my "spare" time I sew, crochet, paint, write lists, draw, build and makeover furniture, craft, and research how I can make my vision into something tangible. I am a researcher, I have been known to teach the meanings of medical terms to doctors (yes that's scary! doesn't put a lot of faith in them). Once I set my mind on wanting to understand something I cant stop until I have an understanding enough that I could at-least give a presentation on the subject if ever (although not likely) asked!
I have Red hair, my kids look nothing like me, my husband has dreadlocks, he uses more expensive products then the rest of the family, and more often. The children; don't grow hair, like really, my daughters were both over 2 when I could just get a tiny elastic in. both have had one hair cut each, Ellary before she started school and Tehy did hers herself (I cried and couldn't look at her) and had a uneven mullet for so long, I didn't have the heart to take her to the hairdresser to lose even more to try and get it even, it has grown since and looks much better now. Our normal week includes work, school,church and playgroup. Ellary was born with SVT but is now a picture of health, Tehy holds title "baby that was the easiest pregnancy, birth and healthiest" The boys were born at 32 weeks, now are so huge and healthy looking yet have horrid immune systems and catch everything that comes within a hundred metre radius of the house I swear. This leaves us house bound a lot. Summer is our favourite season! we would live  on the beach if it were possible, summer is the sweat season I hate sweating and don't DO sweating but id much rather take that over snot season(winter) and the sneeze season (spring) we have far less illness' and ailments containing us in summer. We only have one pet, a guinea pig, 'tomtom' original!
This is us!
(about due for another family shoot again, this was almost a year ago)


  1. Kristie12:20 am

    Beautiful family! I laughed out loud at "snot season". My daughter has sons who catch everything that blows by plus they have allergies so we all know what you mean by snot and sneeze seasons. I found your blog on Sew Many Ways. Can't wait to see your projects. Maybe your blog will encourage me to start my own. I doubt it though, I'm a little too scatter brained most of the time.

  2. What a gorgeous family!! I have twins also but B/G. They are 19mths now and were born at 34 weeks. Feel free to stop by! Now that I've found you I'll visit as well :-)


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